Friday, March 24, 2017

A day of reckoning! (#2975)

     For various reasons an attack today on the health care of America will be voted on by representatives more in tune with their donors than their constituents. Of course this is not a Democratic bill this is a republican bill. The Democratic bill that became law 7 years and one day ago is the one republicans want to replace with one that has less coverage and costs more. Typical conservative republican policy where the wealthy get much more than they need and the working middle poor class gets even less than they minimally require. The same dynamic plays out in not only health care but in our economy as well. The plan to destroy unions and keep wages low are the republican plans and in keeping with their agenda to give to the wealthy and suppress the working middle poor class even more.
     Yet the republicans keep getting elected. How is that possible when the working middle poor class is so much an overwhelming majority here in America? We have found out over the last several decades that it is a combination of things. Making voting rights harder to acquire for traditional democratic voters, Gerrymandering of districts to keep republicans in power with fewer votes. Changing how we teach our children from learning how to think critically for themselves and instead teaching them to follow a standard line. Disinformation in the media because we here in America have very few truth laws that would require penalties for falsehoods being propagated. Dividing our electorate through religion, sex and race, by using prejudice and rhetorical anti-American biases, are useful to the republican agenda because as we all know a house divided against itself is not an effective house.
     So today we are going to see a new page turned. By all accounts the vote for a worse health care bull, pardon me, bill than the one we already have will take place in the House of Representatives. The projections are this bill will fail and for one of the few times we see a republican party at odds with itself. I can only surmise that all the dirty rotten tactics of the republican party to stay in power have finally broken what decency was left within the republican party and the death throe of it is creating chaos and upheaval. At one time before republican let their ideology of power, hate and division guide their way, they were human beings and maybe, just maybe they can find their way back to being just human beings again. I highly doubt it but we hope that this kind of chaos will be the normal going forward when our society is under attack from the worst of the republican party,

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