Monday, March 13, 2017

California must lead! (#2964)

     No where in our nation is there a state that has the resources, the political advantage and the chutzpah to combat the utter hatred and democracy destroying current federal administration than California. When I first found out that trump was elected and he had the senate and house majorities on his side all I could think of was to get out of here and go to a country where democracy and intelligence worked hand in hand. But after some time to reflect, I realized that I already live in a place where these attributes exist, here in California, the capitol city of Sacramento no less. Not only am I in a jurisdiction that values all souls as equal but I am in a state where intelligence is desired and innovation and creation are a foundation worthy of being expanded.
     So no more thoughts of leaving my birth country because too many and too archaic a system allowed a trump and his despicable cronies to lead our national entity. Our state entity here is tremendous. We are alternately the 6th or 7th, depending upon the time of year, largest economy in the world, We have the endless supply of natural resources; wind, water and solar to begin our transition quite effectively from the dirty energy providers. We have the technology of Silicon Valley to help us along with our modernization and progression into the future and we have Hollywood which serves to tell the truth of how our society can and will operate that is far beyond the propaganda that the bitter wealthy are using to divide us.
     Although the federal government has singled us Californians out as being renegades we seem to find that label quite refreshing given the agenda of the national government under trump and his republican party. We actually instill the values of democracy here instead of dismantling them. We welcome diversity as a positive that expands our own existing horizons. We actually care about all lives here not just those who are bigoted and wealthy. Staying and fighting for what should be best about America is where I will stay and as long as California has my back I have hers.

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