Monday, March 27, 2017

Don't let republicans win (#2978)

     The supreme court seat that republicans stopped from being filled during President Obama's term cannot be allowed to be filled without the filibuster rule being applied. We democrats must not allow republicans to scare us into relaxing the filibuster rule through fear of political reprisal. We must stand on principle and force republicans to change the rules if they want their nominee to pass. We democrats cannot be complicit in this at all. If we are going to be the party that stands for what is right and good about America we cannot compromise when it may cause us harm. There are many senate democrats who are coming up for election in 2018 who are in red leaning or red states and they fear that if they don't work with republicans to confirm the republican nominee they will lose what hope they have of winning in that 2018 election.
     The problem here is that the anger that will be coming at them from their own base will offset what they think they will gain by helping republicans. It is not worth the gamble and it is not right or good. So do what is right and good and stand against the republican manipulation of this supreme court seat. If and when republicans decide they have to blow up the filibuster rule then make them do it and then they carry the blame solely for how the nominee got his seat on the court. We democrats should not be tied to it at all. This nominee will be a disaster for equality and fairness and if we are associated with him we will negate the blame that republicans should properly shoulder if they seat him.
     I am through with this kind of back room compromising where we democrats sell the soul of our nation for an opportunity to keep some seats. We have to fight for what is right and then use that as our campaign to win seats not just hold onto them. Enough! Let's show the world where the disease is in our government and keep our hands out of it so that there is no one left to blame but the actual republican culprits. Filibuster the nomination and if republicans decide they will blow up the filibuster rule then let that be the path forward, not us colluding with them for some possible prize!

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