Sunday, March 26, 2017

Engaging in politics (#2977)

     There is an old axiom about politics, "The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.-Plato." So as we ignore the concepts of politics, we end up with a trump and his under the rock associates. This is the penalty for not engaging in politics. I know that we are a busy society with what capitalism requires of us so taking time to understand the nuances of politics is difficult to impossible. So there are some basic principles that can be followed that allow for us to much more easily align ourselves with a political party of our own intuitive force. We have republicans who have an agenda similar to the wild west days when the survival of the fittest was the paradigm and regardless of the rules to attain. We have the democrats who believe that a society that takes care of all of it's citizens fairly is the most enviable.
     So you can choose to be a republican and stiffen your heart to the pain and suffering caused by unfair but strongman tactics or you can choose to be a democrat and aim you life's work toward making our society much more in tune with equality of opportunity and modernized enlightenment. There are other distinctions to consider as well. As the survival of the fittest crowd is a shoot first ask questions later if at all, they also have some disturbing positions on race, gender, and religion. Not inclusive mind you but exclusive and alarming. Democrats on the other hand still hold to the melting pot ideal of America. We accept immigration as our proud heritage since most of us, if we are not of any of the Indian tribes that were here before colonization, are the descendants of immigrants.
     Being able to identify with a political party helps us to decide how to vote when the voting time comes. This way we can get the general information we need to make an informed decision. But we all must participate in voting regardless of the requirements that are needed to register. Even in this politics is evident. The republican party over the years has made it harder for all eligible citizens to vote. If this does not anger you toward their efforts then you may be a republican and should vote for them. If it does make you angry then voting democrat is the best way to protect democracy, yourself and your children's right to vote. Nearly 47% of our eligible voters did not vote last time and now we have trump and his troupe of nasty brutish associates because of it.

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