Friday, March 17, 2017

Forcing round pegs into square holes (#2968)

     The republicans out there who still back trump are doing some mighty fancy footwork now that their champion has been exposed for the carnival barker the rest of us knew he was. Trying hard to justify his actions and words by reinventing the English language to mean what it "alternatively" doesn't. By taking credit for things done by our previous president and giving trump the credit. So many different shape shifting explanations to justify the con man who can barely string a sentence together when without a dreaded teleprompter that he has now embraced. I often think of the biblical story of the man who changed his mind constantly like a reed blowing in different directions in the wind. This is what we have now from the barker who said specifically what he would do and now has changed just about all of that now that he is in office.
     Most all of us who voted against him, which was the majority, and may I add that again us Americans failed to exercise our right to vote when 46.9% of us did not vote, About 90 million did not vote. Anyway, most of us who voted against him knew he was a liar and a cheat but we couldn't dent the wall their ignorance built up around their brains so as to not let facts or truths deny them their now logically indefensible hero. So what is left for them is to deny logic and hold onto the idea of "alternative facts", which they don't have to admit to themselves means lies. Better for them to embrace lies as truths and keep their hero.
     Which brings us to forcing round pegs into square holes. Once one has the concept of accepting lies as truth if it fits their narrative they are free to create any reality between their ears. the problem of course is that most of us, yes, even those assholes who didn't bother to vote, still live in the real reality. So when they use their alternative facts/lies they are often not able to sway otherwise decently intelligent folks to their point of view. Which for the rest of us is somewhat gratifying that all told our nation hasn't completely lost it's collective mind!

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