Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Grass roots pressure is what we need to minimize the damage of the trumps (#2952)

     We are just about out of options here in thwarting the disaster of the last election. It seems that the con man who will lead our nation will try to implement his cruel and brutish policies aimed at the working middle poor class so the only real action we can take is to create as much disturbance as possible to make their job of slowly killing us off much more difficult. We must force them to show how determined they are to destroy democracy so that when the next election comes around they will not be able to hide their actions from anyone despite their propaganda. Because republicans are real good at hiding their agenda until they get the power to beat us over the head with it.
     Damage will be done to our American society as we are forced by republicans to fall further from our original democratic ideals, It will be made worse by republicans because they control the federal government through Congress and the Executive branch. This is their time to do all the rotten nasty things to our society that their wicked little minds have been plotting for decades. They don't want us to have a decent society, they want us to have a brutal one, based upon their favorite formula, survival of the fittest. Fear is their leverage and they will make many of us turn the screws on the others of us so that they can accomplish their slow but relentless tearing down of what made our nation great, namely our compassion and our curiosity.
     How we combat them is to use what little rights we have left, our protests and our votes when the voting times come between now and 2018. There are several key races in states that will be a harbinger for who will have momentum going into the midterm elections and if we can build our grassroots pressure to win these key races we will be setting the stage for a rebuke of the trumps and their agenda to make our lives more miserable instead of promoting the pursuit of our happiness.

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