Thursday, March 30, 2017

How ignorance destroys civilization (#2981)

     In America, we are living in the time when ignorance is showing itself as our national intelligence factor. To get to this point we had to be gullible enough to elect a corrupt carnival barker as our president while keeping the most corrupt and illogical people in majority positions in Congress. So the perfect storm of a an immoral, and quite possibly treasonous con man and like minded followers control our government for at least the next 2 years and more likely 4 at minimum. Plenty enough time to unravel the levers of our government and the policies we enacted to soberly deal with the gives and takes of our evolving society. Ignorance is our new master and our new master has no qualms in destroying everything around it.
     That gut punched feeling too many of us had right after knowing that the election was not some nightmare but real is just the beginning of our real life torture. We Americans will now become trapped in a suspended type animation of cruel intentions bolstered by a military force capable of destroying all in it's path regardless of ally or not. As everyday we wake to see what next shoe on the throat of democracy has come down, we step closer and closer to the paradigm where our democracy is being rewritten to take our natures and our rights back to when we had little control over either. The vacuousness in the souls of those who now lead our nation is commensurate with their inability to understand the simplest forms of logic and human care.
     Where just months ago we had a president who was thoughtful and considerate we now have neither. The transition from the past to the present has been one of incredulity on my part. How is it possible that one of the worlds most enlightened leaders is followed in electoral succession by a man who cannot nor will not even attempt to know what we all need him to know? Instead he has an agenda of tearing down not building up, except when it comes to an already gigantic military operation. My sense is that while we Americans are reduced to becoming cannon fodder, the new leader of our nation will take us into global conflict as his desire to be the next leader of not only America but the entire world. This is the ignorance that will take America and our democratic vision down.

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