Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's all about outer space man! (#2973)

     The next great frontier for us Americans is at our threshold. Just look up. Yeah, that place above us that never seems to end. We have done all we can to cover every square mile of our planet and with so many of us there is a real need to satisfy billions of curiosities that cannot happen within the confines of our own atmosphere. So onward and upward we should be going. This is no revelation of any magnitude. Many have been saying this since we first shot one of ourselves into space back in May of 1961. We landed a man on the moon only a little over 8 years later in July of 1969. But since then we have done little to move ourselves out into the great unknown. Politics, mainly those of republicans who don't want what is best for all of us, only for the wealthy do they work hard, have stifled our push to get up into the sky where our next great chapters of life will be written.
     There are many reasons you find me railing against any and all republicans beyond just their disinclination to explore our stars. They want to hurt so many of us within the working middle poor class instead of giving us opportunities to fulfill that deep abiding dream we all hope to experience, that being becoming more aware of what we don't know and knowing more about it. Our curiosities are the vehicle for us to travel in time and space with and denying that vehicle access to it's destiny is not only a waste but counter productive. Our planet is teeming with too many of us marking time while not starting. The inactivity from not doing what we should naturally be doing is causing an ill among our societies that only no good can come of it.
     When I was a young child we headed out into space, when I was just early in my teens we landed on the moon. Since then the money grubbing greedy powers here on Earth have kept us from going further and instead they choose to fight wars among ourselves to see who would get the natural resources. This turning back inward instead of staying focused on the outward has been to our species' detriment. I am now well into my 60's and can claim no further human movement that has gone beyond putting feet on the moon. It is shameful that the republican party has seen fit to destroy a couple of generations of Americans who could well have been far beyond the planet Mars. The destruction of our society by republicans and the destruction of our destinies by them is enough to make me want to scream at the Universe I and so many of us wish we were more part of!

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