Sunday, March 19, 2017

Keeping our eye on the ball (#2970)

     I don't care what trump does to try to distract us from his tax returns and his Russian connections I know I will still clamor for them even if he starts a war. I am so sick of his blatant abuse of our political system and his manipulations of our political process that no matter how hard he tries to change the subject of his impending impeachment or nullification of his election I won't be swayed. I am but one and there are millions out there just like me who are done with his antics and his continuing embarrassment of our national pride. He has taken what goodwill we as a nation have built up over many long grueling decades and shit canned it as if it were an irritant.
     Well he is the irritant and his coming trip to the shit can will be a most enjoyable moment for the psyche of our modern society. His supporters may whine and cry but that is what childish behavior looks like and most of his supporters are still far removed from mature thinking and reasoning. We will not survive the minimum of 4 years with him at the helm of our government and the sooner he is cast down the quicker we recover some dignity and respect with the other inhabitants of our planet. It isn't a matter of if he is shit canned but when. But it must come from our vigilance to force the reality of his incoherence, greed and despicable behavior onto every power base that has a say in our society.
     There will be the ones who will not agree to let him go down but we must override them with a fierce persistence that cannot be denied. We must hold our steely eyed glare to them so that his supporters know that there is no other option. This is what I call the time to stand and fight and the fighting time is now! Never before in the history of our nation have we been duped by a foreign power to help install the worst of our populace the rights and privileges of controlling the whole of our nation and that it has happened should be enough to rally all of us who have respect for our democracy and the willingness to fight of it to do just that!

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