Monday, March 20, 2017

Reality is finite (#2971)

     I often come back to this basic principle of life being too short for all the mess we cause ourselves. There is no rule that says that we humans must make life hard for each other. There is only the fear that if we don't we won't be able to keep our individual advantages. I have looked at society this way, we have to keep busy otherwise we have too much chaos and not enough progress. But to punish those who are not as privileged and advantaged as others is just down right mean and brutish. Again, there are no rules for how we structure our society written in stone. We have a democracy which is a good starting point but we must not only ensure it's existence but we must give all who are born an equal chance to survive and prosper within it.
     Work is what we have devised as the vehicle for economic success and overall peace. But the work must be fair and equitable. Where the work is drudgery and unforgiving we should be forced to make it not so. However we do that as a society is our obligation. Society is most effectively controlled by our government since we can compel it to reflect the best of who we are as opposed to private concerns who have less integrity as to benevolence and altruism. So we instigate social programs to alleviate the inequities that the private market of capitalism ignores. Remember, the structure of how our civilization is processed is aimed at making everyone's life easier, not just those who wield power.
     So when I see our national disgrace of a republican party trying to make life harder as a rule for everyone except the wealthy I am duty bound to fight against it. I don't fight against democracy, I fight against those who are dishonoring it. As far as the concept of work to keep us busy while we live and die on Earth I am for it. It allows us to make our own mark through merit and it helps us to innovate and create. But only if we are using work as a universal equality of opportunity paradigm. There are some problems that need to be addressed on how our society provides opportunities for work but until we get the republican party out of public office we will never get to address those problems and truly make America the land of the free for all and allow for everyone to enjoy the pursuit of happiness.

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