Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stay strong but be the peacemaker (#2967)

     My values are not negotiable, therefore trying to get me to do something or think something that violates them will never work. Yet I can be a peacemaker in the areas of disagreement. I accept that we have differences and when applicable can still be friendly as other factors are weighed. It is incumbent upon all of us to coexist where it is necessary and being the bigger person while having some basic ground rules is always the best method for interacting. I cannot disassociate all who are not like minded. Some are fixed in my sphere and accepting that and making accommodation for it without any sacrificing of my values is required.
     I can live with that. I find the common interests we have and work within those areas. It isn't difficult to keep some things at arm's distance as long as my boundaries are respected. As an example, I have had some who still show their racism speak at me and I immediately tell them It is unacceptable and I will not hear any further if they wish to communicate with me. It is then their choice as to how to proceed and the result of their choice dictates my response. I stand firm in how I approach life and how I live it. There is no compromise in how I value principles that underpin my entity. I am who I am and that is who I will be regardless of who or what enters my life. I am stubborn that way and that stubbornness in protecting what matters to me is absolute.
     But as strong as I am in protecting my values I am also pliable in that I can accept the idea of "agree to disagree". There are times when discussing complex or simple concepts is not in the best interest of ongoing relationships. Knowing when to let the peace of not conflicting to exist is more than a survival technique, it is also a strategy of letting things ride for a higher purpose. We can't always win the obvious battles but we should never lose them either. Finding a way to make peace with our disagreements is often the better part of maintaining tranquility as long as we do not sacrifice our values.

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