Friday, March 10, 2017

The destruction of America (#2961)

     Now that trump is comfortably settled into his duties of denying anything to the working middle poor class here in America, he is prepared to go global and start skirmishes at his pleasure. We have learned that the republican control of congress is no obstacle to trump and any of his anti American motives so the issue of stopping him politically seems very remote. As far as the courts go we do see some resistance but as of yet have heard nothing out of the split ideology supreme court. What that leaves is our military standing up to trump and as a last resort, creating a peaceful coup. I don't see that either especially if wars are initiated that make taking our eyes off the battlefield too complex to also include a welcome peaceful coup desired by a majority of Americans now.
     So with trump at the controls and the republican party the majority in congress and controlling the leadership and agenda there, we are ripe for being purged of our democratic ideals. No longer will we be the melting pot of the world as the racists and white supremacists have a seat in trump's inner circle. The erosion of our previously prosperous economic system that had a thriving middle class will continue to decline as income inequality will grow to an even greater disparity. The separation of church and state will be dismantled as the right wing trumps are bound to their base of Christian fanatics who want a world dominated by Christians as to them all other faiths are fake. Simple note here, ironic about the fake part right?
     Our rights to protest peacefully and for redress of wrongs is now under assault. Laws are being formulated all across the nation by republican controlled states that allow for forfeiture where no crime has been committed. Protests that can be deemed violent through subjective decisions are now putting protesters in jeopardy where no crime has been committed by those protesters arrested. Our social systems of insurance for economic security are being dismantled piece meal or altogether. What once was a nation that valued democratic ideals of diversity and opportunity has now become a hateful two class society where the wealthy enjoy the luxury of expanded wealth and the rest of us majority serve at their pleasure with only table scraps left to satisfy our pursuit of happiness.

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