Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The difference (#2979)

     The 8 years spent by republicans accusing President Obama of all kinds of deceitful and criminal activity amounted to nothing but falsehoods. Yet republicans knew that and decided as a strategy to go full speed ahead with never ending investigations as opposed to working on legislating on behalf of the American people. Now that the shoe is literally on the other foot and trump is being accused by democrats of being deceitful, criminal and treasonous, there is actual substance to the accusations. Yet like when President Obama was being accused, republicans control the investigatory power over the government. Yet this time instead of them charging full steam into their investigations, they are showing just how partisan they are by not caring too much about the accusations against trump.
     They are exposing themselves as co-conspirators in their attempts to shield trump from charges. Instead of defending the principles of our democracy like rule of law, justice and fairness, they are protecting their political advantage to the point of hiding treasonous activity that should be grounds for the death penalty. I live in a nation now that is so corrupted by the republican party and it's wealthy carpetbagging donors that I am ashamed and angry that we have come to this. I for one will not be associated with such ulterior motives of greed and power over patriotism. We see now that republicans will go to any length to secure their political advantage and that should be a wake up call to all who see America first.
     The difference again is that President Obama was not guilty of any of the allegations made against him and trump is most likely (Occams Razor) guilty of much but until we can get the investigations we need from objective politicians we may never know. But as republicans continue to thwart investigations and still don't legislate, the only option left to them is hide. Well we will ferret them out like the rats they are and when their trump ship starts to sink they surely will be scurrying overboard. It is then that we will get them to turn on their cohorts because on thing the criminal mind understands is that ratting out on their accomplices is their best path forward if they want what is left of a life to live.

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