Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The haunting reality of the truth (#2958)

     Yes, trump is experiencing a haunting. He cannot live up to the embrace the American people had and still have for President Obama. That trump is a narcissist by many accounts and as such demands of himself that he be adored. Well he is finding that he is not adored by a vast majority of Americans and it is driving his relentless tweet storms to diminish President Obama any way he can. There is little doubt that trump actually thought he could win the presidency and with help from his foreign allies he did the unexpected. So now trump's ego has been bolstered to new heights and that is why he continues to feed it with outlandish claims that have no basis in reality.
     That his base continues to believe any and everything that comes from him as fact is just another bonus for him. He could say the moon was made of cheese and surely there would be a fox or breitbart poll somewhere showing that 90% of his followers would believe it to be true. It was bad enough that a conservative majority supreme court gave bush the presidency in 2000 when there was no immediate reason to it without continuing the recount in Florida. That was a stain on our democracy when one party overruled democratic principles in order to win a public office for itself. But now, this is beyond a stain, this is on the precipice of treason what has happened in the 2016 election.
     No longer can the bush anomaly of 2000 be seen as a one off and been corrected. Rather it was just the tip of the iceberg that showed itself when it comes to disloyalty to democracy by the republican party. A cancerous entity like this eras republican party will not be denied it's disease like spread until we the true patriots of America who put democracy first are willing to do the hard work of cutting it out and burning it into oblivion. In the meantime the narcissist in chief will continue his tirade against those who don't love him and all of us will pay dearly for it.

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