Thursday, March 23, 2017

The income inequality gap is about to jump even further apart (#2974)

     With republicans prepared to vote in the House of Representatives today on a new less comprehensive bill to replace the Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Obama, that will make the income gap between the wealthy and working middle poor class increase dramatically. How that increase will happen is mostly from cutting medicaid benefits to the states and giving the wealthy a large unnecessary tax break because of those cuts to medicaid and loosening of required coverage. So taking from a program that serves the poor and giving that to the wealthy is the major goal of this new health care bill republicans are about to make into law,
     With all the campaigning last year from trump that he would bring all into health care coverage, 14 million people will lose coverage next year because of the changes made by this new republican plan, which I will call trumpcare, Another duplicitous promise from our liar in chief that has been exposed. With insurance companies now calling the shots again, premiums will rise in the next several years before what is hoped to be a leveling off period. I am so used to republicans telling us that things will be bad for awhile and then get better later that when I hear them say it I know it will never happen. They always find a way to screw the working middle poor class and this is just another way for them to do it.
     At the end of the day we will have less coverage while paying more and the wealthy will get another tax break they don't need. I have yet to be alive when republicans actually worked a major policy that gave the majority of Americans a better life. They had a chance this time to push the improvements instituted in Obamacare toward a Universal health coverage system like most all the rest of the civilized world now enjoys but they didn't which tells us once again that republicans will use anything, yes, even our health to make a buck for the large corporations that are now considered by them as people, who are more needing of their care than the actual rest of us "real" people,

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