Friday, March 31, 2017

The inundation of false information (#2982)

     We are at a point in time where our social, political and business media is being swept up in a current of deliberately falsified news reporting. It kind of works like this; cooperating false news outlets coordinate with someone intentionally reporting a false news item and repeat it on their false news sites back and forth therefore providing more than one resource for a false news item without providing an initial investigation into whether the false news item has any veracity. In other words, they start a rumor and then spread it as if it were truth. Eventually it reaches most everyone who casually listens or watches news as a grounded fact instead of it's original beginning as a false news item.
     The reasoning is obvious why this is now being done. Take for instance our latest national election in 2016. The democrat was targeted by these right wing groups with so many false news stories that were spread out far and wide as fact. Many were dispelled for being fake but some were not caught in time to stop them from being believed. This effected our election and is one of the primary reasons we now have republicans in control of our national government here in America. This strategy of lying to the American public has proved fruitful for those who could never have gotten elected just based upon the facts of their unpopular and divisive positions and policies.
     So how do we combat this flow of false news? We question all news we read and hear. It is expected that we should fact check and find verifiable sources that corroborate the initial reporting. It is done easily enough as there are plenty of mainstream news organizations that require it's reporting to hold up to scrutiny as true by it's reporters. There is honor and nobility in telling the truth and our news outlets that do should receive our attentions, not the ones who from the outset seek to deceive as their intentional goal. Regardless of the political view point we hold, knowing the facts as opposed to the fake news is crucial in the building of or changing our understandings of reality and our future,

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