Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The worst of our natures are expressed by the republican party (#2959)

     The pursuit of happiness is not a republican credo unless and only if it involves money any way possible. For republicans life has been dwindled down to economics. The fact that we are all born on this planet and as such are due the rights of life, republicans only view that right to life through the lens of how much money is in your wallet. They do not care that you are a human being, only that you somehow play by the rules while not playing by the rules to get your mountain of cash. It is why they honor thieves, con men and liars into their party. The only thing that matters to republicans is economic success whether stolen or earned, it doesn't matter.
     Well I say to them, if they wish to live in a civilized world then the price of that civilization is community and sharing so that all may succeed in a proper way to happiness. Not just by economic standards but by honorable and noble ones. The price for this concept of civilized life is the alternative. A society where if the rules are no longer agreeable to those of us who have little, which for the wealthy that is already the case, then rules don't apply and all of us will be in survival mode which means fighting for out lives and existence. If republicans want a revolt, which it is already apparent they are pushing the working middle poor class towards then a revolt they will get.
     They, republicans, think we won't fight to stay alive and are constantly pushing us further into a decision. They have quit trying to hide the fact that they don't care about the majority of Americans. They are now actively rigging our democracy so that fewer and fewer of us have a voice in electing of our leaders. Their formula is to divide and conquer us working middle poor class through race and gender issues all the while reducing our ability to vote. This is a reality that republicans are forcing into existence and their inability to think more than one step ahead will ultimately be their undoing. If I know one thing absolutely it is that we Americans who love democracy will not let it be stolen from us by the worst of our society and the inhumane natures they exhibit. If they want chaos over civilized living then so be it when that fighting time comes.

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