Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Those who crave wealth are those who create poverty (#2980)

     The insatiable appetite for wealth is like all the other addictions in the world. they may satisfy one's own sense of pleasure as a benefit, but the cost to not only the mental health of the recipient is reduced but the effect on society on whole is devastating. What do I mean by saying accumulating wealth is devastating to society? In a capitalistic dominated world where all are striving for the most, many will fail and many never get a chance to compete. Those who fail and those who are not even in the race for wealth suffer because they are left on the fringes of what is left of finite resources. This is not a reality where all can be billionaires. Only some can and the rest are left to carve out an existence that is far from being desirable or comfortable.
     In other words poverty levels of existence are now the new normal for our American society, That is the problem with a society that has few social programs and is out of balance with it's capitalistic counterpart. A healthy mix of capitalism and socialism makes for a thriving middle class. We are losing our middle class at such rates that soon we will only have a shadow of the one we had 4 decades ago, As each generation of immense wealth increases an exponentially larger amount of poverty level life afflicts Americans. So this desire to be wealthy has turned out to be a nightmare for those who are not.
     It doesn't have to be that way. We can have those who strive for wealth continue their quest while keeping the rest of America out of poverty. The tax code is the main way this can be accomplished but if we have those most like republicans and their donors who would do anything to keep their wealth from being taxed, we have what we are currently experiencing. The greed of more more more is not only an unhealthy mental condition but it harms so many more who are struggling to survive. This trend will continue with the republican leadership controlling economic policies and I fear that our poverty laden nation will be even more so by the time we can change the public leadership back toward more fair and just economic policies.

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