Monday, March 6, 2017

When misplaced loyalty to the criminal crumbles in the face of the evidence (#2957)

     It is easy to spot. When the evidence of things is so overwhelming that no objective person would ever not investigate with an eye toward the truth but would instead dismiss as nothing more than an attack, we find that person is not being objective, but rather the person has something to hide. Take for instance all the connections with the Russians over the last election by so many in the new trump administration. Their loyalty to trump for their position in high government is greater than their desire to discover the facts of what happened. It may well and should be assumed that those who do not want to investigate the Russian connection, are in it up to their necks as well. So there is honor among thieves in this case but for how long?
     As with all attempts at nefarious ulterior motives, when caught out, those who have much to lose find a way to extricate themselves as a reward by snitching on their accomplices. Since they started out to deceive their characters are untrustworthy so them turning on their co-conspirators is not much of a leap. Much like what is most likely going on in Russia where the deaths of eight diplomats and others who were directly and indirectly connected to trump and putin have occurred in the last several months, As putin is tying up his loose ends trump is behind on that score and most likely trumps ties will be the ones who take trump down and implicate putin despite his murderous cleanup.
     Although loyalty to great causes gives us men like Nathan Hale, who at his hanging for being a spy for the colonies in the Revolutionary War, exclaimed that he regretted having only one life to give for his country, paraphrased, loyalty to nefarious causes have no such honorable sacrifice. As the steady flow of evidence continues to show that trump acquiesced to putin for an exchange involving hacks and propaganda, for financial gain for Russia, putin in particular, more strength to convict trump and his minions of criminality will follow and those whose lips are tight now in the inner circle of trumps will loosen as the pressure continues to build.

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