Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hate and division, the American death knell (#2991)

     From a promising future on November 7th to a disaster of a future on November 8th, we Americans are facing a calamity. Somehow with nearly 3 million less votes than the republican's opponent, the republican candidate won and now republicans control the executive, legislative and as of tomorrow, the judicial branch of our federal government. It is what nightmares are made of when considering their agenda. From the start of the republican administration and congress majority, there have been many executive orders rescinding protections for our workforce, women and our planet. Congress has passed bills to reduce health care for millions and give more tax breaks for the wealthiest among us. The idea of a nation working to improve life for all of it's citizens died on that mournful day on November 8th, 20116.
     Instead the wealthy and the hateful have gotten a boost from this current republican leadership. While the rest of us have been over looked and even demonized for our right to live our lives as individuals different from the theological vision republicans demand. Although our national constitution states in the First Amendment that we are to be free of any religion if we choose it is now not a choice when the representatives of hate that represent the republican party legislate a religion as law. The fear that must be tempering below the surface of their archaic ideology must be enormous and when you here me call them cowards it is because of this that I do.
     Now republicans have written a national budget that cuts programs that help discarded Americans come into the mainstream of life and instead allocates more money to war profiteering for saber rattling and attacking overseas. On November 8th when I knew the outcome of our election, I knew we as a nation were heading for a crossroads that could and would be our last crossroads together. The hate that drives the republican party and now America at the national level is intense and it seeks it's vengeance on a world that does not conform to their vision for the future. A mighty struggle is already underway here to cut off the legs of this current presidential administration based upon law but will it deliver it's success in time to stop the madness that is currently hurling us into a global conflict the likes of which out planet has never witnessed?

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