Friday, April 7, 2017

A cold hard slap! (#2989)

     Politics, that thing that people avoid learning about because it is so complicated. Well we are finding out that if we fail to pay attention to politics we may well end up with our lives torn apart. This last election has been an eye opener for a couple of polar opposite reasons. First and foremost is the national election where the "tear down the government" republicans were given full charge of our government. We are finding out that with them in charge it is a mess and not just an ordinary mess but an intentionally vindictive one. For all those who kept out of politics, almost half our eligible voters didn't even vote, they are the ones who are getting the cold hard slap of reality. They figured all of politics were the same regardless of party or candidate. Well slap slap, not true!
     The republican party and all it's candidates are not anything like democrats. They are instead, generally like the worst of our natures while democrats are more like the best of our natures. Now there are exceptions but very few at this juncture of our nations evolution. The republican party is showing for all to see now that they are in control that destroying democratic principles for the sake of capitalistic ones is a priority, especially when the wealthy are the beneficiary. As we are seeing played out in our national media, not even getting elected fairly is chanced as they appear to have used underhanded and illegal methods to attain their victory on November 8th, 2016. So if you were sleep walking through life and just woke up to see your national government run by a bunch of arrogant republican carpetbaggers then that is on you for not paying attention to politics.
     The other totally opposite eye opening reason I alluded to earlier in this post is the effect the election had on the great mighty state of California. Instead of sleep walking through life we here in California mustered up enough votes to elect a super majority of democrats to public office on November 8th, 2016. So instead of living in the destructive world of a republican manipulation, we have a democratic vision for our state. We are using government to fix our problems and enhance solutions where possible. We are not a country but we are a powerful state with the resources and vision to not only improve our way of life but to educate our state citizenry properly as to the function of politics and the need to be involved.

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