Saturday, April 22, 2017

A species at war with itself (#3004)

     If there is one thing only that I have learned in life it is that I will never stop fighting for what is right for all of us instead of just for some of us. The reason for my relentless effort with all my soul is that I have seen first hand how it is possible to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Even when it is most probable that defeat is at hand if I never give up, I have noticed I come out ahead of defeat more often than not. Our will to succeed when backed by the most honorable and noble aspects of human nature are the most powerful force in the Universe when it comes to our species. We are an amazing species but at the same time we are a nefarious one as well. Not in equivalency but often enough to make our lives miserable.
     So we are a species at war with ourselves and the battle is ongoing and extremely harmful. The republican party has taken on the mantle of anti-human to the extent that they are willing to segregate the rest of us and make us less than they themselves. That too many do not see this yet is part of why we cannot have a clear battle over our destiny. But with a never ending fortitude based upon the best of who we are we can prevail as well as enlighten. But when the we are losing the battle much like what happened on November 8, 2016, we must take care to deny the controversial victors any defeat they may see in our eyes. Instead when they look in our eyes they will see the power of our will to put them back down into the irrelevancy they so deserve.
     I fought to survive in this world all of my life and if there is any chance I can help to change it's reality then I will never stop trying. I owe that to those who come behind me to make my world stronger and better so that they can do the same for their next generations of human souls. We are all one species and if we cannot nor will not accept that then those who cannot nor will not must be put to a change or an end if that is what is comes to. I will not accept the worst of who we are yet I will not accept defeat as a solution either so I am left with only one option. To fight all of my life for those right and good best natures of ours. Fighting for honor and noble intent is a glorious life anyway. It is just too bad that we have to do it to keep the worst of who we are from denying the best of who we are. A species at war with itself is not natural, it is contrary to what an enlightened species holds dear.

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