Sunday, April 23, 2017

Again, we stand for modernity (#3005)

     Yesterday was a rally for science. Yes, we have to rally now to protect science from the trumps and his republican party. I am in stunned shame that I have to admit that in the 21st century we are still not getting past the superstitions, myths and outright bullshit of imaginary believing. We are like young children here in America, unable and or unwilling to move past the fairy tales we were told as children to teach us scary lessons. For me it is so much like Plato's "Allegory of the Cave", We are being molded to accept a reality that is only an illusion and when we fight against the molding we are castigated and held in contempt by those who readily agree to be molded. this is where our modernity is being attacked.
     The enlightenment of knowledge and reality is under siege for several reasons. Foremost is our lack of opportunity to be part of it. It seems that the institutions we have brought with us from the dark ages are still in force as obstructions to equality, fairness and justice. We cannot move out of Plato's "cave" until we all are shown the way together. The comfort of the past ways are hard to release even when we know we must. I had always expected that each of us would fight hard for the truth of things and the betterment of society but I was wrong about that. Many have given up and have wrongly chosen to accept that they are never going to be part of the future as it could be so they choose to defend being part of the past they know.
     This is where we end up fighting against each other over truth and an alternative truth. Those who fight for the alternative truth have resignation in their souls whereas those who fight for truth and the modernity it promises have no such negative resignation tearing them apart. We fight for what is real, not an illusion because it makes our lives easier. I wasn't born to live life easier as a rule, I was born to live life making life better and the better can only come about these days by working very hard at it. I will not accept an illusion as my future, instead science and logic with common sense is my path forward. So yesterday was another example of why we need to keep working hard to protect that which should already be enshrined into our principles for living.

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