Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cowards like trump will only kill us and or embarrass us (#2998)

     When our national leader is no leader at all we must accept that we are in the hands of someone who would rather run from a legitimate fight than actually engage in one. He, trump, has shown little of noble principle worth fighting for anyway so none of what I am saying here is a stretch to imagine. With all the "talk" trump is displaying we can be assured that someone will take his challenges to heart and make trump choose his next act. If trump decides he can hide behind our military then surely he will do that in order to save face. But the consequences of that will likely lead to the death of our military personnel and other collateral damage. Like all bullies who are fearful of courage, he will choose whatever action protects him first and the rest of us based upon our utility to him.
     More likely he will be forced to back down on the world stage with everyone watching with some lame excuse that he made whomever forced his hand to accommodate some unseen demand he says was met. But the world is watching and so are we and he will not be able to hide behind the courts or public opinion of his "alternative" facts. Let me be perfectly clear, trump has shown his cowardice with his multiple questionable military deferments in his youth to avoid Vietnam, He has gone out of his way to disparage those who have defended our nation on many occasions. It is as if he sees himself as better or above the duty of every American to defend our nation from the nefarious perils of the world. He is a chicken hawk who hides from a fight but will commit you and I to fight on his behalf.
     The worst of our fears is realized with trump as president. He is a coward who is an arrogant asshole! He will put many of us in harms way and cause a great amount of suffering and death if he is allowed to serve as commander and chief for his full term. I have no doubt that in time we will find that trump secured the presidency with the foreign help of our greatest adversary, selling out America for his own personal gain. We will also surely find out that the republican party has sold it's soul to trump in order to hold onto it's majority power. Both have little to no ethics or honor when it comes to putting America first. We have seen it numerous times when given the opportunity to help all Americans trump and republicans choose only to help the wealthy and themselves. I hope we all survive this chaotic time engineered by those who are cowards and thieves.

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