Sunday, April 2, 2017

Democrat's social contract and equality of opportunity vs. Republican's survival of the fittest and trickle down economics (#2984)

     An inclusive society vs. or an exclusive society, this is the choice we are facing when we vote for whom we want to represent us. This is real time folks. I wish I were only theorizing but no, it is actually happening. You have seen it with the democrats protesting nationwide with their demands for the rights we have fought and won over the many many decades while republicans have shown us that their jack booted protests they are full of hate and anger at those who are not white with condescension. Again, this is really happening right now and for anyone who thinks for one second that this is hyperbole then that is another reason we are in this dilemma, ignorance.
     We democrats see our future as an enlightened one full of modern techniques. Giving us the creativity and innovation to lift ourselves from the grips of the Earth's gravity to allow us to explore the great yet little known and vastly unknown. We are the force of manifest destiny and as we are also curious by nature, we are fulfilling the nature of our human being. That cannot be said for republicans, who are content to live as in our misunderstood past with the symbols that represents. They choose to ignore the drive of manifest destiny when it comes to their curiosity, instead they are more prone to culling out humanity to fit a mold they have devised in their own minds. A collective fever of of an ideal that does not exist exclusively in nature by itself.
     While democrats wish to give all humans the rights of humanity, republicans do not as a rule. As republicans have shown, they prefer a life and death struggle to prove one deserves to be alive despite the fact that we were all born innocent and without our own consent as humans. We democrats believe we are all born with the rights of life. In economics, republicans believe that the wealthy should be our standard for an ideal master, while we democrats believe that is wrong and that each individual should be given the same opportunity to succeed in business and in life. We democrats believe that as we all participate in a fair and just society that merit and an internal force of will shall separate those of us who are more driven to succeed than from those of us, who republicans believe, will use privilege and advantage as their method of determining success. Which political party has your best you at heart?

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