Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I don't suffer fools easily (#2987)

     I am at a point in my life where foolishness on the part of just about anyone annoys the hell out of me. I get that life should be fun and most anything that brings a smile is not bad, however when the life and death of people is the folly then that is crossing the line between civil and demented. I will take no time at all to dismiss anyone who has the ridiculousness of cavalier behavior that laughs in the face of pain and suffering. I find much of this with republicans and they are dismissed without a thought. Even some democrats are immune to what is proper and sensitive in nature and they are dismissed as well. How hard can it be to care more than cause pain? Are we such an insecure society that we will immediately cast our honored principles away in order to satisfy some sense of acceptance and belonging? If so then our foundation is crap and we need to reevaluate just who the fuck we are!
     I don't suffer fools easily is an old saying that still has some unequivocal provenance in conveying my utter disdain for those who jest or dismiss seriousness with a joke. There is a time and place for everything and when the joking time comes then fine as long as the joke is not a demeaning one with intent to harm. But when it is time for seriousness then the seriousness is paramount, not anything less. We have as a species a need to understand that we are still in a volatile era where the balance of our future lies in conflict with the best and worst our species has to offer. The time for putting in the hard work to correct behaviors and attitudes is now and no amount of taking it lightly helps! The nitpicking as well is uncalled for. Losing sight of the big picture for some very minor inconsequential details is wrong. It is important to get all the details correct but not at the expense of losing sight of the objective.
     If all of life is going to be a more fun experience then we have to get our work done first. That work is setting up our society in a way that reflects democratic principles such as equality of opportunity, universal fairness and universal justice. Making sure our society values all life, both from the cradle to the grave with respect and care. The rest will sort itself out with serious representatives who know the value of service to all over the selfishness of some. We can do this but we must separate out the fools and those who only find folly in a time when folly is just an after thought.

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