Monday, April 24, 2017

Keeping the fire of resistance stoked (#3006)

     I am not one of those who is changed by time or space. I am a convicted based soul who once has seen the light of right and good will never turn from it. Modernity, enlightenment, logic and democratic principles are the right and good and as such have become a daily staple of my life. I will not be swayed back and forth by false confusing arguments. I have seen the bad that republicans do and as well as such will not ever vote for any of them to hold the public trust. That is like an absolute with me. I say this because this is what republicans do when they get into office. They shock and disarm us with their horrible policies and then when the next election time comes they lie about how things happened.
     It folds in nicely with their concept of "alternative facts", which those of us who watch these things daily know as fucking lies! But by this coming next year when the worst of what they plan to do to us has happened and we are forced to live with it they will downplay the effect and blame democrats for what is wrong with republican policies. It is a never ending cycle with republicans and as long as we the American electorate keep living from moment to moment in our attention spans it will keep working for them. I just wish that all of us were more like people like me with the effort to stay abreast of American politics and see first hand how republicans deceive us and remember that every time an election rolls around.
     The propaganda republicans spew on us during the election season helps them confuse us with their ability to lie about who did what to you in order to deflect the blame of their guilt. Why we ever reward the guilty with rewards is beyond me and shows a cavalier approach to intelligence that is an anguish to behold. We are in many ways a fake society living off of the hard work of our forebears. I suppose we are getting what we deserve since we cannot hold onto the greatest gift we have ever been given, a democracy that is great but needs us to make better. All we seem to be able to do is make it worse and for that we are a shameful society that gets to feel the harm and pain of our complacency and our ignorance.

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