Saturday, April 15, 2017

Once you get past fearing death you can live life in courage (#2997)

     Fear, the most persuasive feeling and mindset known to humanity arguably outside of love. I have experienced it's influence on me numerous times in my life and the actions and behaviors I displayed because of it is a life long shame on me. Now, for the most part, I am stronger than fear and swat it away with some effort, yet other times, especially when I was in my drinking and recreational drugging days I found I had little strength to summon my courage to defeat fear. Well I have put aside the drinking and recreational drugging and consigned it to my past and the effect it had on stifling my courage has equally dissipated. So the only thing left for me to banish most all of fear from my life was to become more educated.
     As I grew in knowledge my acceptance of things like superstition, mores, traditions and myths as well equally dissipated. I became the master of my own life based upon logic, critical thinking with an appropriate amount of common sense and intuition in the mix. Fear is now something like my childhood, consigned to memories of how I evolved. I still fear when danger is imminent like we all should but not the kind of fear that forces me into freezing and inaction or the kind of fear that allows me to be bullied into accepting something I know in my mind and heart isn't right. I live my life on my terms and if there is an example I strive to emulate just think of how an ideal strong intelligent ethical person might think and react.
     My courage now leads me through whatever is in my present and future. I live like I am worthy of being alive every second of every day. In fact I even think of myself as a humble person who only wants to do unto others as I would hope others do unto me. My courage is not arrogant, it is peaceful and happy. Life is hard enough without me being part of the hard so I choose to be alive in the good things of life and not part of what is wrong with life. That is the freedom I have since I put fear down where it belongs and live how I know is best about me. I have the courage to stand tall against the face of wrong and harm. I care only to defend what is right and good and that is my religion if one was to subscribe one to me. We all have our life journey's to live so what will your life journey tell us about you?

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