Saturday, April 8, 2017

The arrogance of not admitting ignorance (#2990)

     I have definitely noticed that arrogance and ignorance are, for the most part, tied at the hip. I can use examples of people I know who despite all evidence and personal harm to themselves will not admit there is another way of looking at things so much that they become violent to protect their misguided understandings. Now I am no expert in anything as I see it but I can follow logic and the conclusions that come from logic. There is the difference between those like me and those who will not try to see another point of view with an explanation. Of course I am talking about those who choose to be republicans without justifying their choice with logic or at least an explanation.
     Although it seems to me that by not offering an explanation they are hiding their true intent. Being some nefarious racist, misogynist or some other bias or prejudice aimed at those who are not like them. I have a few like this in my real life surroundings and the frustration of it keeps me less than myself because of it. However, I know this and therefore keep them at a distance whenever possible because there are plenty more who make me feel like who I am and what I am doing is of value. So the interplay in life of those who would be right no matter how wrong they are is exponentially balanced by those who like me seek for a better world while making it one.
     It is the only way for me to survive in a peaceful way. I have to suffer the bad in order to welcome all the good. Now don't get me wrong here, if I could eliminate the bad altogether I would in a heart beat, but that is just not my reality. So what I do is not converse on matters that inflame instead I act on life as a real life example of my vision for our world. That is the one thing I can control, what I do and how I present myself to the world. The struggle not only for me against my own demons but the struggle for making our reality a more caring and curious one goes on. Despite the arrogant ignorant, whom I admit deserve as much from life as everyone else, despite their attempts to deny it to others, I will continue to work to break down the walls of their inner fortresses to show them that being good and the best human possible 100% of the time is our futures not anything less. Life is finite and too short for any other brutish ugliness to take from it's time.

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