Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The arrogant shallowness of trump (#3008)

     Maybe all will not all be blown to bits here in America under trump. We are finding out that our judiciary branch has much more courage than our legislative branch thus saving us from the worst violations of our constitution by this ridiculous president. As each day counts down toward the 2018 election the thought that republicans will pay dearly at the voting booth for their anti working middle poor class policies will actually happen. They have all the majority power in the senate and house while holding the presidency so there is no one else to blame for their actions despite their otherwise attempts.
     Since trump seems more interested in playing golf and vacationing 3 days out of the week while not knowing how to read and write an effective executive order, we may just survive the next year and a half before the next election. Especially if we democrats will stop bickering over our own frailties and put the hammer down on exposing the trumps and his republican supplicants running for office. We have a tremendous advantage here and if we democrats do not unite in order to press that advantage then all bets are off getting the trumps out of office for the next 7 plus years. I hear the rhetoric out there about how we are sabotaging ourselves but it does boil down to one simple thing, voting. When we democrats vote we need to vote for every democrat on the ballot regardless of the differences we may opine about.
     Because the alternative is another at least 2 years of a majority republican congress and that would not help us in any way toward righting the wrongs that the trumps will inflict on us during his first two years. As the gut punch feeling I have from the trump election is beginning to recede, I will not accept another come 2018. We must unite behind whoever is running everywhere with a democrat attached to their name and vote for them automatically. We democrats are the majority and if we all vote we can destroy any advantage the selfish narcissistic trump may think he has. By pulling together with the courageous judiciary and a democrat congress we can effectively mute trumps and their attempts to further disenfranchise the working middle poor class until 2020 when we will send him out of our white house with an emphatic boot to his ass!

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