Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The great mobilizations against the trumps (#2993)

     There is only one option the rest of us have to thwart the society destroying will of the trumps and that is to spring out at them with protest and resistance, the louder and harder the better. 2018 is just around the corner and we the masses against the trumps have the ability to reverse republican majorities everywhere except in the US Supreme Court. Unfortunately now we are stuck with that for the foreseeable future. But Congress is ripe for throwing out republican politicians. Given the republican insistence on protecting trump at any cost we democrats should be able to mobilize our voting block into a clear distinct advantage.
     There will be no more hiding for republicans pretending to be a friend of the working middle poor class. Their policies are about destroying any and all federal and state policies that help the working middle poor class continue to recover from the great recession caused under the previous republican president. The advantage republicans had here to strengthen health care, improve social security, strengthen civil rights and reverse harm to our planet cannot be covered up when their legislation and executive orders want to make these programs and our planet disappear. The intent of the republican party will be obvious and no amount of dark shadow money from corporations and wealthy individuals will be able to mask the republican hateful agenda.
     The more the rest of us working middle poor class who demonstrate and resist these efforts to destroy working middle poor class programs the more we build up our momentum to topple the comfortable margins in Congress that republicans now manipulate. We must do all we can as well to keep our war mongering draft dodging president from starting world war 3. He doesn't care much about soldiers and veterans as we have already seen and him using our military to satisfy his ego driven agenda to kill his mounting adversaries is well within his mindset. It is also not a stretch to know that he will sacrifice our troops without much after thought if he can claim some delusional victory. I cannot believe we are at this point but the shock is wearing off and the reality is setting in that we must stay strong with our voices and our minds to defray any and all attacks from our current government against our own society and the world at large.

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MotherNatureEarthMom said...

The one thing we have to watch out for is burn-out. The trumps are working so hard had keeping us running in circles catching out tails that there is almost no energy left. And it isn't even his first 100th day yet.
But as someone famous (I have no idea who) once said - 'we can rest when we're dead'.