Thursday, April 13, 2017

The republican war against the working middle poor class is happening! (#2995)

     I know for most of you trump voters this is a price you are willing to pay even when some of you finally realize this is what is happening. Most have no idea that trump is a liar who only riled up his supporters through hyperbole and rhetoric he had no intention of following. He wanted to win so badly that he either helped or turned a blind eye toward the Russians as they lied to American citizens about his opponent. Now that his unlikely nefarious strategy worked against a duped American electorate he and his nasty brutish republican controlled Congress can now really start to make attacks against the working middle poor class with little impunity.
      Although he and his acolytes have faced an effective backlash for their initial round of policy destroying legislation, they will adapt to thwart even our protestations and resistance. As more and more of our rights are whittled away we will find that even if we protest we will suffer a pain for it. Recently trump has said that he will withhold subsidies to the states for Obamacare unless democrats help him destroy Obamacare. He couldn't get his own party to dismantle our successful health care system with a majority to do it so now he wants those of us who helped create Obamacare to do his dirty work,
     So if I am understanding this correctly, trump wants us to help him destroy Obamacare/medicare/medicaid, the working middle poor class program that is saving countless lives, or he will destroy it himself if he can. I can only sit back and scratch my head and wonder what the hell is wrong with this sad excuse for a human being. We will not take part and collude with him to take health care away from anyone and if he wants to somehow destroy health care for millions then he can do it by himself and shoulder the blame. I will not hesitate to say that we have a really inhumane slow witted person as our current president and the sooner we can kick his ass completely out of the White House door and begin to add more democrats to Congress the better we will all be in what was once the greatest nation on Earth.

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