Monday, April 3, 2017

The survival aspect of our natures (#2985)

     Never before in my life, except back in the 60's when we thought we were going to have nuclear war with Russia, have I felt so convinced that our national experiment called America was in such jeopardy. The incredulous result from our last national election and the republican party's unparalleled drive to destroy our working middle poor class from mobilizing up to better conditions is on. The republican party's insatiable appetite for war with anyone who does not think like them is also on. The odds of any of us Americans making it out of the republican advantage to thrash out at those of us Americans and fellow Earthlings who disagree with them are getting worse by the day. I never would have thought that our society was as ill as it is but I am now convinced that the generational efforts of conservative republicans to turn back the tide of enlightenment has finally come to fruition.
     We have mean nasty, brutish souls running our democracy with the help of the worst of our society when it comes to honor and noble intent toward democracy. There seems to be little we can do with the confines of democratic principles since the perfect storm of ill has come about. What we do next will not so much depend hon how our laws and processes are normally followed but by outside the box ideas that must be used to remedy the affliction republicans are prepared to have us all suffer. It is actually unthinkable that a large part of our society has deemed that their good fortune of being born into a nation that has struggled mightily to attain a certain magnificence isn't worthy now of all that effort. These republicans are willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to make America the most despised example of greed and hate.
     Our nation has spent the last two centuries fighting against the ravages of those who would deny the rights of humans. Yet we are now not that nation any more, Instead we have aligned with those lesser nations who would destroy diversity and equality of opportunity. As I sit in the midst of this and watch most of the media being used as a tool for this filthy agenda I am determined more than ever to raise my voice and call it what it is and not because I am perfect but because I am right. I know what honor is and if anything is worthy of survival it is the best of who we are and not the worst. As you know I say our true natures are care and wonder with a mix of survival. Well, the survival aspect of our natures is being tested, what say you?

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