Monday, May 29, 2017

Belief systems are killing us! (#3041)

     Let me state my stance here about belief systems. It is fine to have a belief system for one's own personal journey through life. I am spiritual in my heart and that tie with everything in and out of the Universe is my comfort in life. We all need some way to deal with the at times harsh realities and having a connection with someone or something greater than ourselves is often what we need. However, my spiritual bond with all things is not my public political stance. I am gifted with the luck to have been born as a citizen of a country that established democracy as it's guiding principle. So that no matter what, or not, each of our personal beliefs or spiritual connections we attach to ourselves, there is no discrimination.
     However there are many in our nation who are against each of us having the right to decide which or not if any comfort in the belief or spiritual sense we may choose. Instead they want to force us to accept what they think is the best belief system. Taking my choice away as to how I journey through life is not democratic, it is tyrannical. Let me also state here what a belief system is. In my words, a belief system is a hope. So hoping that there is a god or a spiritual connection out there is not a logical proof, it is more akin to an expectation based upon faith, not fact. So forcing anyone to accept that which is not a proven fact is brutish and mentally deranged. We should be forced to only accepting facts and truths instead. Why is it that too many of us have chosen to not only accept a belief system over fact, but to force others to accept it as well?
     My best guess is that there is a good but misguided intent behind it. Many see a salvation of sorts when we all are on the same page, the cookie cutter approach to living. The problem with this is that each of us is fiercely independent. We live in a finite existence and our time is short relatively speaking. So our first and best inclination is to experience life for all it's worth before our time is up. We don't want to side track ourselves from facts and truths of things. It is against our natures to live in a fantasy that we hope is true. Instead we fall back on our own better instincts of care and curiosity. We try to feel good and make others feel good while we search and learn about this existence. One more thing, more wars have been started over religious conflicts than any other reason. Consider that!

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