Sunday, May 14, 2017

Despite the trumps, we keep our dignity (#3026)

     No matter how hard that gut punch was to each of us on November 8th, 2016, we who felt it have not let up our struggle to limit the damage. We could have lowered our heads into our chests and accepted the defeat we all felt but we didn't. Instead we organized opposition to trumps like never before. We realized that the only hope we have of denying trump his agenda of destroying what is left of our working middle class was to disengage from any motion that helped the trump plan. Instead we moved to resist and protest against any and all of his heartless agenda. That republicans are aiding the alleged treasonous president has also invigorated us to rail against the republican party like never before.
     Our voices of reason and civil discourse are now littered with invective aimed at the lying cheating trumps and the republican party. We are not anymore the quiet reserved logical beings we had hoped all of our citizens would be, instead we democrats are angry and spitting mad at the direction the trumps and the republican party are driving their agenda. So we give them no quarter, no safe harbor from which they try to lie to us about their intent. We call them out on their lies and shame them in front of the public as if it were as natural as anything. We democrats have found our voices and the sound coming from us is not nice and easy but hard and fast. We will not tolerate the trumps and their America destroying tactics.
     I for one am hopeful that we democrats, aided by independents and some republicans who are now aware of their party's nefarious intent, are standing united in our opposition to trumps. There are some coming House elections which may prove the value of our opposition. If the election in the Georgia race goes to we democrats it will be the harbinger of things to come that we democrats all hope will come about. There is still time for us to do more to make these coming House races more secure if we can so we should not stop our opposition to the trumps until we can get them out of office and then turn our country back toward enlightened progress and modernization.

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