Saturday, May 20, 2017

Enough of the trumps and republicans! (#3032)

     There is no doubt now as to the ineptitude, whether intentional or not, that the trumps have shown to having no respect for the idea of a "melting pot" nation. They as well treat our nation as their own little fiefdom filled with riches and glory at their disposal. They have taken what is best about our nation that has been built up over 240 years and tried to make it their own. This last election was not about electing a leader who is the servant of the people. Instead it was about electing a con man who is out to fleece the American people with impunity. We were fooled once again by the wealthy into thinking that the republican party was our savior. That we we allowed ourselves to be fooled is still to this day one of the most embarrassing and disgraceful events we have put upon ourselves.
     I include all of us in this even though nearly 3 million more votes came in for former Secretary Clinton. We did not do enough to make sure our elections were safe and free from external and internal influence. The "rigging" has been going on for decades through outside interference and internal voter disenfranchisement and we let it happen without raising the alarms to such a level as to force us to reverse the republican agenda of voter suppression and outright lies against republican opponents. We Americans deserved this horrible outcome because we fell asleep at the wheel of our democracy. We quit being the guardians of democracy so we could blissfully enjoy the fruits attained by our fore/parents. We didn't earn it but we sure as hell spent it like we deserved it.
     Now we must awaken from our stupor and put our shoulders back on the wheel of progress and push it back into a forward motion. This will require us to stop voting for the liars and cheats that have infiltrated and now form the foundation of the republican party. There is only one way forward and that is through a purging of every republican who is running for or currently holds public office. We need to get the democrats back into power in not only the Presidency, but the Congress and ideologically a liberal/progressive majority on the US Supreme Court. As well as return power back to democrats in the statehouses where the local politics stir the melting pot and give us our best solutions going forward.

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