Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Every republican politician must pay in 2018 for what they have done! (#3028)

     There are no more excuses republican voters have to justify their voting for the republican party. We have seen what republicans do when they control Congress and the Presidency. We have seen what republicans do when they control the Supreme Court. We have seen enough to know we don't want to see anymore! We Americans have always stood on the side of fairness and justice when we led the world out of it's dangers. Yet we are not that country anymore with republicans in control. As shown we are a sniveling cowardly bunch that strikes up friendships with our enemies of democracy and shun our true allies in the fight against tyranny.
     This has all come about because we voters have given the republican party a pass on them representing us for our concerns and instead have let them lead us with their concerns. The republican party has been bought by wealthy influences that take the representative of the people away and replaced it with representative of the wealthy. If anyone still cannot see this then eternal shame on them! For those of us who do see this then the time to stop being loyal like a non critical thinking human to the republican party is over! No more can we vote for people who refuse to address the concerns of the vast majority of us Americans, the working middle poor class.
     No more can we allow the wealthy to dictate what our society should look like or how it should operate. The republican party that represents the worst of the wealthy among us has nothing for the vast majority of the rest of us and therefore should not get our votes these coming special elections this year and especially the elections of 2018 and beyond. I don't care if you have voted for republicans as a tradition your whole lives, these republicans are anti-democratic so you must choose were your real loyalty belongs. Is it with our founders who created a democratic form of government or is it with these current republicans who want to take our democracy away and give all the power to the wealthy? Well?

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