Tuesday, May 2, 2017

If you don't have a good vision for reality then you probably voted for trumps (#3014)

     I have found that those of us who think good things for our society almost always vote for democrats. Why? Well because we democrats, who are the party of liberal/progressives, imagine a better world for all of us not just for ourselves. We know that everyone deserves the same humanity that we all strive for. It is up to each of us to either share or contribute to humanity in ways that are positive and effective and that is what we try to do. Unlike the republican trumps who find that enriching themselves and their enablers is the most important thing to them. The difference between the democrats and the republicans could not be more clear. There is little we have in common so the choice as to which political party should be leading our nation is a direct reflection on the vision each of us has for our future.
     Which is why I have little to zero tolerance for anyone who votes for republicans. It is a selfish and me first philosophy that denigrates and segregates based upon gender and race. The republicans see themselves as servants of the wealthy so all their polices are aimed to that agenda. Whereas we democrats are less concerned with the well off and more concerned with those who are suffering often because of the wealthy and their me first attitude. We democrats are all for those who display merit and innovation as abilities and of course they should be rewarded fairly. By the same token those who work to make everything a possibility should not be the bearers of poverty nor unnecessary disadvantage.
     The more equitable society we democrats seek has all of us contributing and enjoying in the fruits of our creations. The republicans do not want that. Instead they want a society that only rewards those with advantage and privilege who if they choose may take pity on the rest of us. If republicans had their way we would not be a democracy but instead more an aristocracy that rewards only their concept of a demigod. We democrats are not such arrogant asses. We believe that no matter the color of your skin nor the gender of our race, all have the opportunity to succeed when operating on a level playing field. Not only that but we democrats reward hard work and sacrifice by whoever is doing or making it. We democrats are all in this together with the concept that we are all we will ever have of true value.

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