Monday, May 8, 2017

Let me try to explain the need for civilization (#3020)

     In order for us not to be a chaotic species, wandering and marauding at will, we need to have a structured living environment that benefits all as a necessity to be part of. We need to have busy work for us not to become complacent and self destructive. Which is why we have our latest version of a democracy started here in America nearly 250 years ago. What is important here to remember is that having a great society that champions equality, fairness and justice we come really close to have that ideal society that benefits all. Now there are other applications to our society that need improving like less income inequality and more educational opportunities but those are minor in comparison to the overall ideal of having society based upon democratic principles.
    Without at least a satisfactorily form of society, we would find that increasing and advancing enlightenment would not happen nearly as easily or as quickly. So without a civilized approach to living together on our planet, we would probably cease to exist as a species. So the most prioritized point of being civilized is to stop us from eliminating each other over the resources here. We need to be civilized in order to continue existing. We can structure our economic and social models after democratic principles of fairness and justice without having to accept the idea that there is no greater plan for our existence. We need each other to survive and if we don't approach and apply that maxim with democracy in mind then we end up like we are today, individually in a selfish way seeking to control all with as little interference from others.
     It is why we have such a disparity in ownership of our planets resources. Too few own and control too much. There is a balance and this current status quo blew past that many decades ago. We need more to own and control our natural resources in our capitalist form of economics so that more can participate in a fair and just way. When we lose sight of why we have a civilized society while running amok chasing down all the wealth we are at a point where the civilized society is not civilized but a controlled society not by democratic principles but by selfish and greedy ones. Our society has a breaking point that is coming on quickly and where this point is reached is not absolutely known. Allowing greed to destroy that which is holding us together is like cutting your face off to spite your nose. Utterly illogical!

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