Sunday, May 21, 2017

My hope grows each day I wake up anew (#3033)

     Well, I, we are not dead yet. I fully expected that trump would have caused some kind of catastrophe by now that would have inflicted mass deaths and casualties. It has been now well over 100 days and nothing horrible as to a devastating death toll has taken place. That could all come to an end at any moment as I see it but so far so good. Apparently we have just enough checks and balances left to keep the man/child from throwing us out there as cannon fodder. Not that he isn't trying to make our lives more miserable, we the working middle poor class majority in America.
But as to a widespread killing us off it has not happened yet.
     So my hope does grow now every day that I wake up that maybe we will get through this national nightmare somehow. I don't know how since their isn't much to civilized logic to draw from with the trumps. They seem to want to safeguard our enemies more than they want to safeguard Americans. Ironic isn't it? It would seem that things would make a whole lot more sense if trump was actually president of Russia. However that would never happen with the murderous putie in control over there. So with each day I feel less and less like the dead man I attributed to myself the day after the election and more like a living one who has no clue what our next near future will do to us.
     I will take the less dead and more clueless soul I am about the near future as a positive and with any kind of good luck and tireless effort, maybe all of us will actually survive to see an end to the trumps and a new beginning despite every trick republicans will try to pull to rig the election again in their favor. I wont get ahead of myself here with hopeful dreaming and instead I will keep fighting for the sanctity of our votes and the promotion of liberal/progressive policies and candidates. If I keep myself busy doing those things the time will hopefully keep marching on without many of us dying because of the trumps and their ignorant lust for wealth and power.

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