Tuesday, May 23, 2017

No legitimizing the liars, cheaters and thieves (#3035)

     Never will any republican get any legitimizing comment from me. Now every now and then one or two or three of them will do the right thing, however, doing the right thing once in awhile is not penance for all the wrong things that they are still doing. So when some are congratulated for doing the right thing I cringe because doing the right thing is an expectation not an exception. Congratulating someone for doing the right thing once in a while also sets a bad precedent. Like if I do a good thing once in a while I can then revert back and do wrong things under cover of the rare right thing done. Instead, I choose to lambaste those who do wrong and not lambaste those who do right. That way the expected right is passed over for a lambasting while the wrong doers get the full brunt of my anger.
     I may get some plaque as an award at the end of my life for doing a whole bunch of good things and at that time that is almost an acceptable tribute for not being an asshole. But that is all it means, I wasn't a full time asshole who hid behind some few good things in order to justify my own distorted sense of self worth. So no, I don't like it when a rotten person in or out of power does something good and then some start to hail them as decent folks. No, the decency is not earned by a rare occurrence of doing the ordinarily right thing. Decency is given when a lifetime of doing good things has been achieved or a pattern so entrenched in doing the right thing that not doing the right thing is unthinkable.
     It is like our current dilemma. We have a republican president and a republican congress that fits the bill for doing mostly wrong and occasionally a right thing. So by my calculus they get nothing from me but disdain and a calling out from me until their time in public service is either cut short, or ends with their terms being up. Either way, they will never be legitimate nor will their defenders ever be legitimized. If my existence on this planet is to be what I know is right and good then I will not ever compromise down from that right and good but instead force those who cannot nor will not embrace the best of who we humans are to reevaluate their position up from harmful selfishness.

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