Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The depth of republican party treason (#3042)

     Not a day goes by without some new revelation that republicans were in it up to their vulnerable necks. By "it" I mean collusion to commit treason against the United States of America. From accepting massive donations from Russian sources to finance their political campaigns to coordinating with Russians on how to undermine their Democratic opponents. That republicans would put our last great known enemy above American citizens is evidence enough that republicans care for only one thing, that being attaining and keeping power. Helping Americans with succeeding in their lives is not the republican agenda, stealing wealth and power is!
     Yet as we have seen, the republican party is not being punished for their actions and behaviors. In fact they are often rewarded by an electorate that has no interest nor care in what they are doing. It is like too many of our electorate cannot fathom that one of our American political parties would deliberately harm us. Their minds won't let them wrap their thoughts around it. Well the time for being ignorant or willfully dissonant is over. Real harm and irreparable damage is at hand and unless the majority of our electorate can come to grips with it we are headed for the dissolution of our democracy. Their is only one real act left we fighters for democracy have left to us, voting. Yes, we need to vote out all republican politicians who have linked themselves to the trumps or more notably to destroying the working middle poor class.
     Never in the history of our nation has such a simple solution been afforded us that didn't involve going to war with ourselves. If we vote for political solutions that enhance our democracy and involve all our citizenry we can turn back the tide of tyranny. It is a real tide flowing hard at us and if we don't make up our minds shortly that democracy is coming to an end then it will be too late for us. I for one will fight like those who we honor on Memorial Day to keep our democracy and oust every republican politician who is currently sitting in office or wants to be. Our democracy demands it if we are to keep it and the republican party deserves it's punishment for selling out our great nation for 30 pieces of silver!

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