Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The despot who is our illegitimate leader (#3043)

     Our democracy has failed us. Somehow the rich and powerful have pulled off a coup without us really being aware of it. They have worked to undermine our intelligence and our process for electing leaders. Through voter suppression and false information that we know of and conjectured fraud in vote tabulating, the fix is in and it is called trump. The republican party has been the vessel for this nefarious crime against freedom and liberty and they hardly deny it. They are an arrogant bunch who see themselves as the masters of the world and are not likely persuaded that they are wrong. Their champion, trump, is the epitome of the ridiculous and deathly vision. He has sold his soul to the wealthy and powerful and no amount of hope or wishful thinking will change his itinerary.
     He is a despot in every sense of the word. He is abusing his power as our leader while oppressing us to his whims. There is not a doubt among the many of us that his illegitimate rise to power is just another step toward a two class system, envisioned by republicans here in America. The wealthy and the poor are those two classes and no amount of hand wringing over it will save the middle class. The only change to this treasonous plan is to investigate, build evidence, vote them out and then prosecute them to the fullest extent of legal punishment. Not much can be done politically until the next round of elections in 2018 but we can continue to build our legal case against them. When the power has shifted back to democrats for the House and Senate is when we can then bring the kind of irresistible force necessary to ultimately crumble the plot of the trumps.
     In the meantime we need to stay steadfast in our resistance against them not allowing for any movement backward that further deteriorates our democracy. We must fight them on any and all levels where they are trying to implement their cruel and brutish agenda. The time is coming for the next round of elections and anything short of a victory for democrats in both houses will bot be enough to dislodge the republican party from the Presidency. We need our democratic avalanche to hit in 2018 in order to secure the fate of the disgraced trump and his acolytes who are now trying to cement their victory for the foreseeable future. Our democracy demands that our leaders be servants, not tyrants or despots!

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