Sunday, May 7, 2017

The French connection (#3019)

     Unlike the movie with the same title, this post isn't about drugs and smuggling. Instead it is about how an election in France is being manipulated by the same forces that allegedly manipulated the election here in America. I say allegedly with a cock sure confidence that it did happen here like it is happening in France. However, how the French are handling it is much more in tune with protecting democracy over there than it was done here in America. Albeit, the French have the benefit of seeing what happened here first. We Americans were caught unawares by not being informed by our institutions created to protect us. A collusion of sorts was in play and so far that collusion has not been fully disclosed. A process is under way but many of us feel less than comfortable that a truthful investigation will be completed since those who benefited from the collusion are the ones conducting the investigations.
     It is revealing that we now are seeing how other democracies respond to an invasion of their elections by the dominant suspect, Russia, in comparison with our own behaviors. It is not pretty, nor is it inspiring. Our nation has fallen far from the ideals of democracy with the wealthy and the dishonest leading the way. Where principles of democratic values are far secondary to those of capitalism and ego driven power capture. Our mighty American nation is so vulnerable now to losing it's democracy that the idea of it is not far fetched nor extreme. More to the point it is now somewhat expected. In the years I have been part of this nation I have never felt that we could lose our heart and soul like this. A reversal of good and right toward harsh and cruel.
     So the outside influence of our election by not only the Russian hackers but the inside job of helping them by the treasonous republican party is our reality and if there is any heart and soul left to protect our democracy the truth of this last election will have to be revealed. The French have already stifled the Russian hackers attempts to steal their democracy and later today we will see if their efforts prevailed. Unlike ours where the effect occurred and not until after the election were we as a nation told of the effect the Russians and republicans had on our ideal of believing we were part of something great.

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