Thursday, May 25, 2017

The ignorance of the American electorate continues today or maybe not (#3037)

     By later tonight we will know just how far the awakening of the American electorate has proceeded, or not. The special congressional election in Montana will reveal the ability of the American electorate to think in a somewhat critical fashion. Over the last 4 months we have seen just how the republican party plans to deal with national politics and if loyalty to party is greater than loyalty to our nation on whole then the republicans will prevail today in a largely republican district. However, if the fact that republicans are seen as the party protecting the wealthy and alternatively the party that wishes to destroy the working middle poor class then maybe we will see a different outcome with the democrat winning the republican district.
     It is all a matter of degrees I hope and I also hope that the line between loyalty to a party that is against the republican voter is a line that has already been crossed. The republican in the race is for the trump agenda and is also now a criminal in waiting after his assault of a journalist last night and his being charged with misdemeanor assault with plenty of witnesses to prove the charge. But since many votes have already cast their ballots through the absentee process, we will have to wait and see what the election day republican voters will do. My guess is that many will still vote with their loyalty to a nonexistent narrative republicans have maintained through deceptive campaigning but I hope I am wrong.
     I have hoped in the past to be wrong as well and that did not work out then. Yet this time the republican narrative is harder to hide so my hope has some validity this time around. We will see by the end of tonight. How our electorate came to be so ignorant and abusive of the melting pot concept when the ill of our national economy is not on the working side but on the money making profit side. The wealthy have stacked the deck against workers and have effectively turned the blame back on us. Well the evidence is clear that we the working middle poor class are not the ones benefiting instead it is the wealthy and their republican enabling politicians. Will Montana wake up and vote today to end the ripoff that republicans have cleverly disguised or will we once again fall into the trap of staying loyal to a party regardless of how badly it treats us?

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