Saturday, May 27, 2017

Traitors, treason and collusion, the republican way! (#3039)

     If you can't win with your policies then lie, cheat and steal any way you can. That is how republicans win elections. But now they have gone a bridge too far. By aligning with the Russians, the republican party has sold out it's American soul for pieces of silver and the power to oppress people. I see it clearly but many as of yet still do not. However I am not the only one who sees it. Many of my like minded associates do as well. And here is the kicker, many of the previous republican voters are now seeing it as well. The republican propaganda machine is still operable and can still deliver victories like in Montana the other day but less and less are believing them while republicans are spending more and more not to lose more ground.
     The offenses of being a traitor through treasonous acts is coming to light regardless of how republicans collude to deny the evidence. There are enough checks and balances left in our government to keep the truth of things moving to the forefront. As the steady flow of truth is exposed to light the more the republican party cowers back to scurrying under the damp rocks from which their ideology spawned. But they will have nowhere to hide when the dastardly effects of their crimes take hold. We the American people may be a whole lot of ignoramuses at times but we can also resolve ourselves toward punishing those who would sacrifice us for their own pleasure and profit. There will be no mercy for those republicans who are caught out but continue to harm and and put in peril the greatest nation the known world has ever created.
     The agenda of republican politics is a nasty and brutish one. Make the working middle poor class suffer and pay an unbearable cost while giving the wealthy all the advantage and privilege that only benefits them. I am all for public humiliation and harsh penalties for those who do get their hands caught selling out our nation for their own enrichment. Treason has happened here with the trumps and the republican party and the time for them to pay for their despicable actions and behaviors is at hand. Memorial day is upon us and to think of those who gave their all to defend and protect democracy is in contrast to these current republicans who give nothing of themselves and everything from the rest of us for their own selfishness. The day of reckoning will soon be upon them!

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