Monday, May 1, 2017

trump, the unsuccessful dictator (#3013)

     No matter what trump tries to do to impose his will on us he is finding that he has no mandate for his hateful agenda. It must irk him to no end that every time he tries to take some liberty from us he is stopped cold by either the US Constitution, the Judicial branch of our government or his own republican party, whom many are not quite as nefariously hateful as he is. So today he wants us to celebrate a national loyalty oath to him. It is what dictators do by the way. They love adulation and even more than that they love absolute power. So instead of giving him my loyalty oath, I will keep giving my loyalty oath to what is really deserving, our democracy. The trumps can go suck eggs in a closet for all I care.
     Soon they will be gone and if they try to stay without the consent of we the people they will feel the brunt and brutal response of our determined anger. So, as the so far failed little dictator tries to embolden his followers to commit atrocities for him, we will stand tall and rebuff them and their feeble attempts because when all is said and done, cowards are weak and easily subdued. That the trumps of this world would think that we Americans who are proud of our democratic heritage would ever give them a by your leave when being oppressed is becoming trumps unwelcome reality on a daily basis. He can take his little hitler manifesto for stealing a democracy and shove it up his pompous ass. His day of reckoning is not that far into our shared future and he has laid claim to his impending fate.
     I say this with a sadness that has enveloped me to no end. Our nation was duped on November 8th, 2016 and there is no denying that occurrence. Yet we can still recover from the duping and keep the damage to a minimum whilst working hard to discover the truth of the dupe and lay it bare for all to see and for the justice that protects our society from such probable treasonous acts to prevail. The days are getting shorter for the trumps and our days are getting brighter because the trumps and their acolytes are not very good at deceiving us anymore. We will crawl out of this shameful period and hopefully be more engaged in our politics because of it.

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