Thursday, May 11, 2017

We need the smoking gun (#3023)

     The trumps so far have been able to dodge and evade any real crime that can be punishable because they are not up against any absolute evidence of their treason nor corruption. A smoking gun type piece of evidence will be needed. Most likely this piece of evidence exists but is not available yet due to a system wide cover up within the trump administration. But like so many large conspiracies eventually one person or more gets caught out and then they are willing to "spill the beans". I look at the trump administration and I see a dearth of intellectual prowess that is needed to possibly get out from under the investigatory microscope of that they are currently under. In other words the trumps aren't smart enough to pull off their duplicity.
     So as we continue to investigate as best we can despite all that party loyalty republicans are using to shield the trumps, the more we find the weak spots in the conspiracy. It also helps that the trumps are making mistakes in their cover up. Lying to the public and firing investigators can only benefit those of us who know in our hearts that the trumps are rotten to the core and will do anything to feed and protect that rottenness. But time is on our side and when we do start to take down the lesser players in the trump conspiracy we will get our smoking gun as a reward for not relenting in the face of threats and punishments. We are not the smartest people on the planet given our penchant for being duped and electing con men to our government, but we are not the dumbest people on the planet either and despite our deficiencies we have some positives, like not being deceived and shamed.
     We the American people do not like to be hoodwinked and when we find out that we have been, those who supported the "winking of the hood" will be dealt with commensurately. The worst of our politics is now in charge and the only silver lining here is that their agenda will finally be exposed beyond all the propaganda that they throw at it. It is almost as if we needed to cleanse our politics by exposing those who have been hiding behind the corrupt wealthy and their control over the narrative. Well no narrative now will stop the truth from coming out as the republicans are totally in control so the blame cannot move out beyond them and there will be blame given as shown by the already unmasked republican agenda. The smoking gun of redemption is nearer and nearer to being exposed and as we continue to pressure those the trumps are not hesitant to sacrifice the sooner that smoking gun will reveal it's indisputable evidence.

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