Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Conservatism should never be the majority political party (#3134)

     The only function of a conservative is to be a watchdog on liberal policies. First you have the liberal policy and then you apply conservative measures to it so that it doesn't go to any extreme. I have never heard of a society helping conservative policy where liberalism is needed to expand it. Never! So for me it is simple, conservatives ie.. republicans, should always be the minority party but only as a counter to liberalism when it is too hubric. Think about it this way, you only need to conserve if you actually have something. Then it is wise to ration your whatever in a way that it is utilized to it's fullest efficiency. That is right and good.
     But only liberalism can bring us something to conserve. Conservatism does not bring us something to conserve, it by it's nature would not bring us anything as it's way of conserving. We are a society that needs to have an interconnectedness in order to satisfy our needs so there are times when we need to allocate liberal policies to make that so. It is then that conservative ideals can play an important role but only after the implementation of the liberal policy. The horse before the cart concept and not the other way around. If we want to keep our democracy we must get back to this type of dynamic where the conservatives are the minority and function as an efficient restraint on the liberal majority.
     What we currently have is a conservative majority everywhere and with that we will get nothing done except the tearing down of democratic ideals and liberal policies. It is as if we have been tricked into believing that the republicans are here to save us from ourselves. In actual truth the republicans are here to destroy us while blaming us for the destruction. They have always wanted less democracy and more authoritarian type rule so if we don't stop them from their agenda of turning us against ourselves so that they can reshape American government into an authoritarian one we will soon find that our democracy is gone and there will be no recourse for us to reverse the effect. We will have been done in by our own prejudices and hatred. I suppose we should deserve the outcome based upon our arrogance and naivete but our children and their children do not!

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