Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Legitimizing the trumps is weak and cowardly (#3105)

     At this point there is nothing the trumps can do that would make themselves even appear to be presidential and dignified. When I say trumps I mean the whole entourage including the sniveling republican politicians who seem to pucker up to them at any given moment. What a disgrace it is to be an America at this point in time. I have my own daily struggles to get through but to see what has become of our once mighty nation under the republican hook or crook agenda is demoralizing. Anything that is deferred from outright protestation and castigation of the trumps is an appeasement congruent with what a coward does in the face of a bully. Those many in the media who seem to think that normalizing the insanity from this administration is okay need their own mental evaluation.
     Every day I wrestle with the inconceivable reality that somehow these trumps pulled off being handed the presidency. I still cannot come to grips with the knowledge that trumps are here as our leaders and not someone who is actually sane. How we Americans can live with this is our burden but giving it some kind of legitimacy is even worse. I can admit when I make a mistake and then take my mistake and improve my life from it. I cannot improve my life if I like many in the media deploy denial as my foundation. The trumps are a disgrace and they are ignorant. There is no sugar coating that in any sense of justification. Reality has to be what we all surmise as real, not some fantasy with alternative facts and illogical premises.
     I don't care that we think we have to hide our ugly side from the rest of ourselves and to the world. It is wrong and should not be allowed to happen. We are what we are and no amount of mask wearing or trickery will change that. We have to change our ways of understanding the truth even when it makes us look like stupid idiots. Because stupid idiots elect trumps and we did that! So reporting on things that normalize the trumps so that we can somehow not have to face the ridiculousness of them is weak and cowardly. We Americans are not weak and cowardly so why are we acting like it? I am so angry at who we are allowing ourselves to become despite the fact that we are so much better than this horsehit we are presently smearing on ourselves and calling it perfume.

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